Turtle Tomb

Turtle Tomb, an underwater limestone cavern consisting of many chambers and tunnels, is one of Sipadan Island‘s most well-known dive sites.

It is located near the Drop-Off, another exhilarating Sipadan dive site right in front of the island’s main jetty.

Venturing into Sipadan Island’s infamous Turtle Tomb is reserved for qualified cave divers only.

Turtle Tomb originally acquired its fame due to the unusually large number of skeletal remains of turtles that can be found deep within the cave’s labyrinthine passageways.

One theory indicates that turtles had entered the cave, became disoriented and got lost. Trapped inside, many were unable to find the exit and surface in order to breathe, resulting in their demise.

Another explanation suggests that turtles deliberately enter the cave to hide in solitude when they are gravely ill and seeking a final resting place.

A warning sign near the entrance to Turtle Tomb put up by Borneo Divers Mabul Resort, whose logo can be seen on the sign’s left.

Only certified cave divers accompanied by a guide may enter this dive site. A sign at the entrance to Turtle Tomb, which lies at around 21 meters deep next to the Drop-Off, reminds divers of the dangers of entering the cave without qualifications and a proper guide.

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