Pulau Bum Bum

Bum Bum Semporna View of Bum Bum from the jetty.
Pulau Bum Bum View of the mainland from the jetty.


Pulau Bum Bum is an island located near Semporna, a small town in the easternmost Malaysian state of Sabah in Northern Borneo.

It is situated about one kilometer east of Semporna town and is separated from the mainland by a navigable channel called Terusan Tando Bulong (Tando Bulong Channel).

The island is one of many destinations for island hopping in Sabah.


Though Pulau Bum Bum is not a tourist destination per se, there are several floating, homestay-style options for accommodation where snorkeling/diving is offered.

1. ND Divers

Twin and double rooms with shared bathrooms available at this Pulau Bum Bum accommodation, which also offers a barbeque and sun terrace.


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2. Lato Lato Resort

Lato Lato Resort provides homestay-style accommodation with great views of Bohey Dulang Island in Tun Sakaran Marine Park, which is located nearby.

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Things to do

Soak in the local culture
Bum Bum Island has a population of 20-30,000 people living in approximately 34 villages or settlements spread along the island’s coastal line.

Tun Sakaran Marine Park
For a great day out, drop by the 8 islands and 2 patch reefs of Tun Sakaran Marine Park, located about 20 minutes by speedboat from Pulau Bum Bum.

Learn about seaweed farming
Seaweed cultivation in Kampung Lok Butun has been identified as having a high potential for commercialization due to steady demand spurred by its usage in many fields including nutrition, medicine and pharmaceuticals. Events held here include Seaweed Splash.


Construction of Lato Lato Resort

More info

The partly-forested island, which is the second largest in Darvel Bay, is irregularly shaped, but reminiscent of an upside-down triangle.

Covering an area of 45km², it has an approximate length from north to south of 12.8km and 19.7km from east to west.

The parts of the island that are inhabited is traversed by a road network, and there are ferry connections to the mainland.

A project involving the construction of a 1.4km bridge linking the island to the mainland has been in the pipeline since 2012.