Dive sites

Mabul’s best dive sites

There are over 15 popular, established Mabul dive sites, each with its own personality and appeal. Here are just a few:

Lobster Wall

With depths ranging from 10 to 40m, this is the closest Mabul Island has to a vertical wall dive location. Plenty of lobsters, nudibranchs, sea fans, squirrelfish, soldierfish and boxfish in the area.


House reef of Sipadan Water Village resort (3D 2N packages), 5 to 18m deep. Ghost pipefish, frogfish, sea moths, spotted-face moray eels, juvenile cuttlefish, black-saddled tobies, yellow-spotted burrfish, ribbon eels and more can be found here.

Seaventures Oil Rig Platform

This modified oil rig (4D 3N packages) is located about 300m north of Sipadan Water Village jetty. Dive below an oil rig, 12 to 17m deep. Moray eels, crocodilefish, mantis shrimps, stonefish, frogfish and leaffish are common in this area.

Ribbon Valley

Southern tip of Mabul reef. The terraced reef slopes to the sandy bottom at about 25 to 30m. Here you may find butterflyfish, damselfish, emperorfish, angelfish, parrotfish, scorpionfish and gorgonians, among other creatures.

Eel Garden

Southwestern fringe of Mabul reef, 10 to 25m deep. Expect to see garden eel colonies, frogfish, ribbon eels, moray eels, mantis shrimp, gobies and more.

Crocodile Avenue

Gentle sandy slopes, 5 to 20m deep. Visibility ranges from 5 to 10m. Good for night dives. Common marine life in the area include seahorses, crocodilefish, ghost pipefish and garden eels.