Sunrise and sunset

Dawn in Mabul.

Watching the sunrise or sunset is one of Mabul’s most memorable experiences and like anything worthwhile, requires some planning.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time.

Sunrise in Mabul

Mabul Island is located in Sabah, the first Malaysian state to witness the golden rays of sunrise every morning at about 5.45am. It’s an early wake-up call, but the reward is well worth it.

There are several areas offering panoramic views of the rising or setting sun and the jetties are some of the most popular. For other spots, just ask any of the locals to point you in the right direction.

Come early
The jetties’ best viewing areas are often taken early. Try to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the sun rises – earlier for a good spot.

Remember to pack some breakfast and get your cameras and tripods ready as you watch the sun journey across the distant horizon.

Stay beyond sunrise
One of the most common mistakes visitors make (besides not bringing snacks) is to leave immediately after the sun rises.

If you stay just 10-20 minutes later you’ll be treated to an incredible show as the colors of dawn stretch across the island landscape.

Sunset in Mabul

Dusk in Mabul.

Not an early riser? Mabul’s sunset, with its flaming clouds, is as breathtaking as its morning counterpart.

The sun rises early in this part of Malaysia and therefore, also sets early.

Sunset in Mabul takes place at around 6.00pm, when villagers wind up their day’s chores as the shadows start getting long and lights begin to illuminate the island.

The spectacular views of the skies, which dramatically change colour to accommodate the setting sun, is an experience that is bound to stay with you for some time.

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