Miss Scuba International

The Miss Scuba International beauty pageant is an annual event held to promote worldwide marine conservation.

Miss Scuba International 2017 contestants. From left: Kuenga Lhaden (Bhutan), Magda Jentgena (Latvia), Alice Nelly Portevin (France), Brittany Anne Novick (U.S.), Madhina Nur Muthia (Indonesia), Vitoria Osorio (Macau), Gabriella Ochoa (Mexico), Agnelly Solien (Papua New Guinea), Sherlyn Legaspi (Philippines), Rachell Ho Chi Mun (Malaysia), Kim Dayoung (South Korea), Alexandra Talbot Prior (U.K.), Fuyuki Fujihara (Japan), Sherin Tang Wing Suet (Hong Kong), Lipsika Mondal (India), August He Haohao (China).

Back in 2011, the inaugural edition of the pageant was held with participants hailing from the Asia Pacific region.

Since then, the pageant has graced the global stage with contestants now arriving from the world over, helping to draw attention to and raise awareness on environmental issues related to the wellbeing of our oceans.

Organized by the proprietor of Mabul Water Bungalows and Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART), the orientation and training workshops for the pageant are held on location in Mabul at both sister resorts. The grand final of the Miss Scuba International pageant itself takes place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Contestants must ensure that they are able to travel with the pageant’s promotional crew to any official events, location shoots, fashion assignments, charity visits etc. throughout the duration of the pageant.

Past Winners of Miss Scuba International

2023Hayley Louise AdlamU.K. 
2019Michaela ShuttleworthAustralia
2018Daisy WhetlorU.K.
2017Brittany Anne NovickU.S.A.
2016Varsha RajkhowaIndia
2015Cindy MaddumaPhilippines
2014Tabitha LipkinU.S.A.
2013Jaime-Lee FaulknerU.K.
2012Jamie Piyada MonmaneeratThailand
2011Dayu Prastini HatmantiIndonesia

Judging criteria

The five major criteria based on which the winners of the Miss Scuba International event will be chosen include:

  • Individual Talent (talent performance);
  • Personality;
  • Runway and appearance (national costume parade, evening gown catwalk, swimwear catwalk);
  • Marine conservation and scuba tourism knowledge; and
  • Q&A proficiency.


Besides the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up, participants are also selected for the following awards:

  • Miss Photogenic;
  • Miss Congeniality;
  • Miss Marine Conservation;
  • Best in Talent; and
  • Best in National Costume.


Before submitting an application, potential candidates should ensure that they are:

  • between 18 – 35 years of age;
  • above 5’4′ or 165cm in height;
  • able to converse in basic English;
  • able to swim and a certified diver, at least until the first level of certification;
  • equipped with reasonable knowledge of current environmental issues;
  • keen and motivated to promote marine conservation and the sport of scuba diving;
  • female by birth;
  • in good health and possess good moral character;
  • not involved in any obscene publications;
  • single and have never been married; and
  • not pregnant and have never given birth to a child.
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