Pom Pom Island


Seeking a secluded island to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy?

Look no further than Pom Pom Island, once featured in Expedition Robinson, the Swedish version of hit reality TV show Survivor.

There are two resorts but no villages on the island. With minimal human impact and pollution, Pulau Pom Pom is one of the most exciting dive destinations around Semporna.

The island takes pride in itself for being a tropical paradise where there is ‘never a dull moment’. Hop aboard a Pom Pom-bound speedboat for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and let your swashbuckling adventure begin today!


Pom Pom is ±40 minutes by speedboat from the town of Semporna, and 15-20 minutes away from both Mataking and Tun Sakaran Marine Park.


Pom Pom Island1. Pom Pom Island Resort
The dreamy atmosphere of Pom Pom Island Resort is perfect for couples desiring a grand beach wedding or honeymooners looking for the perfect romantic getaway.

Equipped with rustic-chic, resort-style accommodation, visitors can look forward to recuperating in air-conditioned rooms after a hot, sunny day at the beach or booking a pampering spa or massage session for the ultimate tropical island experience.

Unlimited jetty/house reef diving

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Celebes Beach Resort2. Celebes Beach Resort
Celebes Beach Resort is a newly revamped resort with diving facilities located near an idyllic and secluded stretch of sandy beach with coconut palms lining its fringe.

Unlimited jetty/house reef diving

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Things To Do

Tun Sakaran Marine Park
A visit to Bohey Dulang Island in Tun Sakaran Marine Park is recommended as Pulau Pom Pom is located just 15-20 minutes away.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
As one of Semporna’s top dive sites, scuba diving and snorkeling aficionados often choose to spend the day underwater fawning over the vivid and unique marine life found in the area.

Turtle Nesting/Hatching
The island is surrounded by a beautiful white sand coral beach, a significant nesting site for the rare Green and Hawksbill turtles.

Guests who stay during the turtle nesting season (April – November) often get to witness first hand the hatching and releasing of baby turtles into the ocean, a unique and memorable experience.

The Tropical Research and Conservation Center (TRACC) organizes marine conservation projects for volunteers including reef restoration, coral planting and turtle conservation in and around Pulau Pom Pom.

More Info

Pulau Pom Pom is a small, low-lying coral reef island 2.3 km in circumference at the high tide line with a fringing coral reef 4 km long and a maximum elevation of less than 2m above the high tide line.

The reef flat is about 50-75m wide towards the west and several hundred metres wide around most parts of the island.

The island itself is densely wooded with small trees especially from the pandanus family.